David Joerg

Welcome to my page

My name is David Joerg. I studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Science in Trier. Currently I´m working as an UI Programmer at Ubisoft Blue Byte. Feel free to check out my projects.

About Me

My name is David Joerg. I finished my bachelor`s degree in Computer Science with the focus on videogames at the University of Applied Science in Trier, Germany. I love videogames since I was a kid and my mathematical and technical talents brought me to this study path. My passion is all about creating, developing and coding digital stuff, especially mobile applications and games.




University of Applied Science, Trier, Germany Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Digital Media & Games - focus on games, Juli 2014

Working Experience

Ubisoft Blue Byte GmbH, UI Programmer

Mobile City GmbH, iOS Developer

Public Research Center Henri Tudor, Internship Bachelor-Thesis

Medentic S.A., Wasserbillig (Luxembourg), software engineer

software engineer for mobile applications, freelancer

Technical Skills

very good knowledge of Objective-C and OO-Programming

Good Knowledge of C++, Lua, C# and Java

Basic knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, XML, HTML

Experience with IDEs: VS 2015, XCode, Eclipse and Netbeans

Working knowledge of Unity3D, Shader-Programming, DirectX, OpenGL, Java-Swing, Action-Script

Other:Good knowledge of Git, Git Flow, Continues Integration (Jenkins), CocoaPods, Static Libraries and Frameworks, REST and Soap Services

Non-technical and Soft Skills

very good english

Excellent autodidactic abilities

Great analytical competence and discipline

Good communication and teamwork skills

Additional data

Drummer and member of Drumeo since 2015

Enthusiastic videogamer who likes a lot of different genres


My Work

In this section you can find projects which I created during my study and in my free-time. Click on the images to get more informations about a specific project.



PongFu - Game for Windows and MacOS (PongFu.zip, 15 MB)

Pong Fu - Preliminary Design Document(PongFu_PDD.pdf, 1,9 MB)

Chessball documentation (Chessball_Dokumentation.pdf, 1 MB)

Speederbike 1280x720 (Speederbike_wallpaper@1280x720.jpg, <1 MB)

Media Remote documentation (MediaRemote Dokumentation.pdf, 1,1 MB)


DentaApp Video and more informations

Ladda Elbilen App informations

Charge And Fuel App informations

GitHub repository with samplecodes


Contact me

If you are interested in my work and/or want to contact me, please fill out the form.